Saturday, December 12, 2009


Finally, the CyberP assignment+presentation is officially ended..In this assignment is not only information, ideas +plan attached in the folio but also our hard work, teamwork spirit as well as spirit of never give up!!Suprisingly,all sorts of informations+feelings in one 65+ pages folio[book] had return us an 'A' and listed in Top 10..*applause =)* The battle began when we have been choose to get in top 10 because we need to present our plan again to two invited judges[businessman/investor]..we need to present based on the questions required by judges then they will choose the top 3 for prizes/they will even invest for the product if they are interested.. Heres the pict for top 3 winners..

Champion group name ''WHO'' *RM1000*

*digital watch can detect/warn wearer if heartattack happen wiv GPS map too[to get nearest hospital] cool design..*

1st runner up group name "Free" *RM700*
*rfid as cashier to pay for foods*

2nd runner up group name "Synergy" *RM500*
*something about herbs farm*

However, the rest 7 groups are given as consolation prize *RM50* each group..hehe..we are one of the group who get the consolation prize and we are hyper happy+excited as we won for champion..hahaha.. XD

*we..the only 5 out of 10 members stay for the presentation to the end*

more photos to view in Facebook...have a nice day my dear readers~ ((;

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