Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eikyi Musicafe

Such a long time i abandoned my blog!Times to reactive it.. That is caused by the hectic exam in the past few weeks making me no mood to blogging!Now, i am back! :))

I went for yum-cha with my friends. I spotted one cafe from my friend's blog, and it's so attracting me to step in the cafe. So, three of my friends and i went there for some catch up. The surrounding of the cafe is simple decorated and kinda classy feels. Besides, there are area aside which is showing DVD's collection by the owners'!Foods and drinks is THUMBS UP especially the HOT CHOCOLATE!

MENU of the cafe.

1. Ordered by Lydia
2. Ordered by Bee

3. Viki's dinner :)
4. my hot chocolate with deco on the top.. love it to the max!
Take 2 of my hot chocolate..
Take 3 before i stired it.. hoho xD
Caramel latte
mine's ordered- coleslaw
the model,lydia for her chocolate ice!
another two models for my hot chocolate :))
A great night spending with friends chatting around!Love it.Awaiting for more gathering!woohoo :)


  1. omg i love hot chocolate !! (>.<)~
    makes me feel hungry + thirsty now.
    btw, love the song here. yiruma <3

  2. vivi,i love yiruma's song too=)