Sunday, May 22, 2011

Penang Homestays For Rent

I am going to share some thing greats to everyone especially for those who planning for trip!What i want to introduce what i found is about Penang. Ok, that's my hometown. I always feel proud of myself to be one of the Penang babies, but unluckily i'm not one of the residents there!When people talk about Penang, the word "food" will be the main point of the purpose to visit there. Same goes to most of my friends.

There is a state which is famed in foods as well as tourism spot. Spending in Penang isn't expensive based on my experience as a tourist and "short period of resident" there.Moreover, there are no problems on finding a place to stay overnight if you are having trip or working there.Renting a room in Penang is affordable to everyone.I would say short term period in Penang homestays is not a problem. No more cracking big head for where to stay as long as you found a place to stay overnight. Agree? Check this out.
some thing budget trip and comfortable staying?
RM50 for daily rent
  comfortable, good environment and affordable price?

RM110 for daily rent

luxury,comfortable,and nice view from the house?

RM350 for daily rent

The best thing from all of the accommodation provided above is nearby to town area. No worries if they are away from town because bus service in Penang is good and convenient. Penang homestays solved the problems for those who coming with bunch of friends and family, or backpack alone!Click the link (Penang homestays) to get more information for that.

Now you know it, what you waiting for?plan for backpack to Penang!


  1. Oh I love Penang!! I miss the food there. haha.. Those places seem like nice places to stay, might consider these places when I go to Penang my friends in July. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. yeah,penang the foods paradise=)

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