Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barbecue Fiesta!

#1  Barbecue with bunch of friends at Pantai Puteri, Melaka.
#2  The evening view of 4.30pm
#3  The evening view at 5.30pm

#4  the sunset at 6.30pm
#5   My friends and I were trying to fly the kite.
#6  Trying hard to make it fly
#7  Finally,it's up, but not high at all. It's drop after few seconds. Blame to the wind wind.

#8  the girls who trying cookies baked by ms. lydia and ms. Chia shin.
#9  the guys who setting up the fire.

#10  the another two busying with the football.

#11  charcoal charcoal!waiting the fire up.
#12  Done!times for BBQ!

#13  tada!chicken wings, otak-otak, sausages!
#14  Squid!
#15  Menu of the day- Marshmallow,sausage,crab stick, home-made coleslaw,home-made sandwiches,chicken wings and otak-otak.
#16  The night view after 7.30pm
#17  the girls+ a guy behind.
#18  Plan to take another group picture, but it's a trick for the guys. They plan to throw lydia to the sea. Spotted her hand and the guy behind her!What's next?
#19  They were on the way, but halfway gave up due to lydia shouted:"arrr...i wanna vomit,i wanna PUKE already"!She being choked by cookies. LOL
#20  The next victim, viki's sister!
#21  another picture of us,and lydia was trying to take away my first kiss!!hoho
#22  We were resting and enjoying the night views.
#23  ninja turtle or robber?you judge it. teehee XD
#24  the best combination of roasted marshmallow+ cookies. it's melt in my mouth.
#25  the mess after eating,and we had monkey-catch-ball's game!
#26  the name list of the BBQ feast members.
#27  The list written by Andrew
The group picture of the day!


  1. haha! shin also bake it ...hehe...

  2. oh yeah!!i go add in now!forgot!hehe

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  4. wa. 1st time see ppl barbeque like this - use sand