Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grapevine from Nestle Drumstick

What a lucky day for me!
I was loitering around the Innit nuffnang,and trying to look for interesting post to read!Lucky me hit one of the blog and i waited it to load the page. While waiting for it to completely done,i realised the side advert from nuff bar is kinda long compared to normal advert. "grapevine" came in my thought,and i was so excited!Who knows after few minutes it loaded, the grapevine nuffnang poped out then i quickly follow the instruction to post it!wuuhoo~the feelings was great because recently i could see posts around from bloggers was about grapevine yet i haven't had a chance!But,tada!i got it today!xD ohya,one thing about grapevine is no matter you are member or not, you are passerby also can join the Grapevine campaign such as Nestle Drumstick that i got!

  i got the grapevine from NESTLE Drumstick!

What is about?here's the picture to clear ur mind!
Gonna hunt for more grapevine already! Sounds like treasure hunt huh?!

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