Tuesday, April 19, 2011

some things unimportant....=P

I was checking email just now and i received an email from friendster.they are informing about some of the friendster's application will be remove soon.they are going to upgrade new application.(i bet it will be turn up like facebook =.='')actually, the word "friendster" had vanish in my memories for ages even though i am still seeing it while checking mail.(friendster like to inform birthday alert via mail which i always ignore) but, this time the subject of the mail attracted me.
spark comes in my mind, i signed in to friendster page and surfed the page for awhile.friendster really changed a lots compared to the 1st time i used it.last time, there were no comments column,no chat-box,not much specific notification on home page(their favorite is birthday alerts!kinda annoying) then,i clicked in my profile,i realized i am quite active in comments among friends last time.ooppss,it should be call as testimonials in year 2007.cheezz!i read it all and recalled lots of precious memories in the meanwhile.

every comments left from my friends was so meaningful,sweet,hilarious,wishes...every single words are sounded so naive,straight forward as known as directly to the point.maybe the young age of thoughts gave a different speech?simple=point.(compared to now,communication method is like[complicated+indirectly point]-blabber=answer.)smile put on my face after finished reading it all.i feels like i was back to 16/17 yrs old.i am freaking missed those days in secondary school.so wish i will forever stay in secondary school's life.(*knock knock*only happen in my dream)in reality,i have to grow up to older age as well as look forward..the further i go, the more people i met,and more unexpected experience i will get through.that is life.

now,what i have to go through before any further is study for coming test!!!!!!!back to notes.. =.='''

Hiiiiiii 5!!!

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