Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Hot Spring) Kolam Air Panas Jasin, Melaka.

I had my half day trip to Jasin for the purpose of hot spring. I cannot remember when was the last time i went for hot spring, but i'm sured the last i went was the time i'm still in Penang. So, this was the very first trip to Melaka's hot spring. I would comment that the hot spring in Melaka is not as hot as hot springs in Penang. It was "warm" spring instead of HOT spring.LOL!(or maybe i never went to the hotest small pool with 44°C and above there.)But, the feelings of immersing yourself in the pool was so relaxing though you would feel like sweating around your face, forehead until your hair got wet.

One thing that the hot spring(in Jasin) should be improved is the water of the pool is not clean enough as crystal clear(am i too fussy??). Milky colors(30% of milky) with different kind of insects(10% of insects) floating on the pool was quite irritating us. Anyway, we still 60% enjoyed and 40% being annoyed.

I had search some of the informations regarding the to the benefit Hot Spring/Mineral Bath.
ok,this is fulled with science terms!hehe XD what i'm concerned here, it is effective with the 15-20 days of experience in mineral bath. Moreover, now only i know MUD is one of the components for hot spring!

#1 Jasin Hot Spring had been build since in the year 1884.

#2 Direction to the pool you want!and our first stop was warm HOT spring

#3 Viki was so exciting!

#4 another pose by Lydia

#5 Caution!!!

#6 Warm mineral pool. it's look like normal swimming pool's and also the temperature!

#7 techniques/ways to bath in the pool with different temprature!

#8  Pool's temperature with 42°C and above

#9 Ways to bath in pool with high temperature!

#10 the pool with arrows are 44°C, but there are different feels of hoteness between the water in the pool and the water from the paip.(I guess)Maybe the water in the pool has exposed to the surrounding temperature especially the weather of the day is windy and cloudy!

#11 we never try this pool since the board showing how serious hotness of the pool...

#12 the moment we had fun together!

#13 the moments we immersed in 44°C pool.
#14  there's 500m away to the Hot Springs.

#15 around 5.30pm we left there..

#16 a cup of hot tea to warm us after cold bathing from bathroom.

#17 group photo of the day!SMILE with hungry mood!haha!


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