Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday AGAIN?

I'm so lazy to continue my revision right now..I want to get away from all my notes and books for awhile before i get in hypertension condition!*peace*So, what can i do is ONLINE to relax myself.There is a post that i wanted to post, but i don't have the time for the past few days..Now, i would like to "dig out" the story to post here!!

As a saying goes:" Yesterday is a History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is a Mystery.."
However, last two days was my Memory..

From the picture above, i guess you only spot the cake+cute little boy there..Again, there was another suprise birthday celebration for me from my family members(dad,mum and naughty sister)..ok, you must be wonder why i said that it was my birthday on that day?!It was thursday(29 April), one of my friend's birthday too..But, based on chinese calendar, it was my birthday!!Impotantly, I NEVER KNOW THAT DATE(chinese calendar) WAS MY BIRTHDAY!*blur*Why my parents choose to celebrate that day(29 April)?It was because during my birthday(english calendar) i got suprises celebration from my friends,besides i received two cakes from other friends too!!So, my parents decided to just make it simple celebration for me+mummy by dining in to a restaurant instead of "blowing candles" again. Suprisingly, i never know they have planned to make it on another day with cake..Again, suprise for me..i remembered that thursday i went to school with lydia for group study, and we ended up enjoying in MacD at the last seconds of the lunch hour..we rushed like hell under raining day..*narrow eyes*.. While i was in the school, my parents were busy preparing the celebration at home.. What a strategic plan again huh?!hehe..Anyway, i want to say BIG THANKS to my family..♥♥♥okie for now,i better off and switch to study mood!!


  1. haha...a good and happy family u have...waalao...MACD again? LOL...

  2. yala...FATssss week twice!!!yeeee..

  3. shawn boy so cute. means u r 21yrs old liao... hahhaa...

  4. yooo....should be 20yrs old!!my mum la..she like to add candle!!hehe..his name is Sean..hehe..he cute only o? >.<

  5. pressed Like for this post =) birthday again??? haha