Monday, May 24, 2010

-Penang Day 3-

know why??
We were in purple shirt.purplely purplely~

ღGroup photo of Day 3ღ

Our planned schedule for the day 3 was very fulled at first, but the weather of the day did not pleasant us at all.It's rain cats and dogs while we were having our breakfast.Meanwhile, our mood was switched to gloom.We still carry on the schedule to KEK LOK SI.Umbrella was needed that time.We were ready all the time..There were fulled of stuff in our backpack.*wink* We just have to make a wish that things needed was in there such as UMBRELLA for that moment!LOL..We did take lots of picture at the top of kek lok si temple.There were a huge Guan Yin statue was built recently.what did us captured?hehe..stay tunned for the pictures uploaded!!Next, we went to Queensbay mall!Again, it took us 30minutes to reach!There were a mission for us to go there!We wanted to dine in a restaurant named T-Bowl!sound familiar to u??It's a restaurant decorated with toilet themes.All in toilet decoration such as the plates, tables, chairs,menu,the name of the foodss....I felt that special with the decoration,but the foods there was not delicious!or maybe the one that i ordered was not nice??However, the dessert was ok because i love the kiwi fruits!!(♥.♥) Thanks to the cheesie foods,and it cause our tummy fulled like hell!!So, we took a light dinner meal nearby where we stay!

my breakfast- Lor Mee(卤面)


Pagoda of Kek Lok Si

One way lift ticket to the Bronze Statue

Here i am!!

The view of Penang Island!!

wanna make a wish?here you go by writting on the paper and hang it on the ''tree''!!*rolling eyes*


Group's jumper!!

Queensbay Mall toilet!!

We were here!!T-Bowl restaurant..

the menu

Filled the form to take order!!spot what i circled!!how they named the toast in chinese!!(多屎=Shitssss)eehhww...d:

The decoration in T-Bowl

the mini toilet bowl!!

My dessert(sorry,i forgot the name!!)


uuhhh!!!The cheesie...too much..


Home feelings huh?!=)

Here we took our light Dinner meal!!

I forgot what this called..something like Apong


Chicken Curry+bread=Perfect!!


Dragon fruits ice blended


Chicken Chop


Clay pot chicken rice


Fish and Chips


The end of Day 3!!

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