Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hurray!!!This semester is officially end!!But, the day of results have not announce, i will still in the heavy heart on worrying the result!!Morover, this sem subjects is tough especially FAR(financial accounting and reporting 1)..NOT to mention about the final exam for FAR again..=( spot that '1'..there will be FAR 2 on coming sem.. IF i fail*touch wood* the first one,then when am i going to register for the next?!aarrgghh...headache!!what can i do now is pray hard!!not to talk about exam anymore!!ohya, i'm Holiday-ing now!!My holidays started yesterday..3 weeks dude!!i'm feeling so excited when think about it..I'm off to Penang later morning..i will be spending few days there with my besties..

The bus tickets to Penang!!

-stay tuned for my Penang's update-

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