Tuesday, May 11, 2010

thanks you

I am sincrely thank Lydia here..She had wasted few hours to edit my new blogskin!!Besides, i did enjoy my day at her house today by doing revision together for next subject!!Although it's only 1-2 hours we spent for revision*cough cough* , we did gain something else right?agree Lydia?*you have nod ur head though NOPE(: * What we did for the rest of the hours?ya..We hanged at the blogskin thingy..the template was the most headache part!!i don't have the patient for it dude!!*white flag* Anyway, it's still nicely done by lydia..Owhya..while she's busy with editing, there were also peacehue there for mentally support(buat kacau ada =P)..*wink wink* okie for now...i got to Off to book!!

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