Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

I started to watch the very first film of Toy Story since I was 5years old!!(I'm 20 years old NOW)..I love the movie very much due to the toys will be activated to real at night, and I did peep at my toys at the night time whether they were moving or not.How naive am I when i was young..*LOL*Now, i hope this time i can grab the Toy Story 3 premiere screening ticket in 3D to enjoy the movie!!

Here's the trailer of Toy Story 3!!!owh..There are so many cute characters are acted in Toy Story 3. There are fews of the character i like!!The pictures below shown the characters i LIKE!!


However, if i have to choose the only ONE character that i like the most then it will be PEAS-IN-A-POD!! It is so cute and adorable.It is the one that I wish to see it from the movie!!

This is super cute!!!The three little peas in the pod gives me the feeling of warm and cooperation between them!!owh, I can't wait to watch them in movie!!♥

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