Sunday, May 23, 2010

-Penang Day 2-

Town Bus

Times for the BUS (=

Bus tickets

Before i start to crap about second days story, i would like to praise for the Penang bus service!Damn, we will never get such good service from Malacca man!(although i'm not used to taking bus.)First, the bus driver was super friendly and kind!Although i'm "penangite", it doesn't mean i'm clear on every single way from one tourist spot to another in Penang.I'm leaving there for 10 year already dude!!The roadway was changed..I need map to guide me all the ways.Moreover,we need transportation to reach a destination.So, TOWN BUS will be the choice.It's an easy as pie to take a bus.We just need to stop a bus, and ask"encik, bus ni ada pergi tempat ni tak(show and point on the map whenever place i wanted to go)"..Easily, the bus driver will be explaning to you which bus to take or they even lead you the way to reach the place politely.Ain't that such a good service to be praised?!Furthermore, they cared on every passenger in the bus especially the senior citizen!!Hows the town bus look like?It's equipped with those necessities should be for a bus and it's an air condition bus!

camwhore outside the india temple.

Indian's Temple

bamboo charcoal bread(sort of coffee flavour if not mistaken)

We woke up at the break of dawn on the second days because we need times to brush up ourselves.There were 5 of us-GIRLS..*evil smile* Before we embarked to Batu Frengghi beach, we went to nearby Air Itam market to buy some bread in case we hungry on the half way journey to the beach!It's took around 30++minutes to reach from where we stayed!The scenery at the beach is always the best to relax oneself's mind..The strong wind blew with the sound of waves hiting up to the shore..It's so peaceful.Obnoxiously, the weather at the midday isn't delighten all of us!We were sweating like pipe water..Anyway, we still enjoyed all the time camwhoring.*wink*

Here I the beach side..❤

The boat to tour you to monkey bridge at opposite small island!

the waves from sea

US+ Star★

Our "hongkong" leg..eehhww

Foots print on the beach <3>


the komtar tower that nearby bus sentral

Planning for the next destination...

Day 2 dinner's location

Chu Cheong Fan


Penang Laksa
This my favourite..but this stall doesn't taste nice!=(


Penang Ais Kacang .aka. ABC


Penang Char Hor Fan


Penang Hokkien Mee .aka. Prawn Mee(again,this stall doesn't please my picky taste buds)Rate:★★★

ღGroup photo of Day 2ღ

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