Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's dinner time..

I had a great dinner with my friends just now. We dined in to Restaurant Chin Chai which is owned by one of my friend's father. We had ordered few dishes recommended by the boss..hehe..The foods that served was scrumptious, and its pleased my picky taste bud very much!!I loves one of the dish was taufu with kacang on top!!i forgot what it's called:( Let's scroll below for the pictures.. It's better that u view the picture with ur own eyes rather than i describe in words thousand times..*peace*

sizzling taufu


curry+pork(i forgot the names)

i forgot the name again..but this is meat of chicken!!thats what i knew!!*evil smile*

i loves this!again, i do not know what it's name..It's something fried taufu with kacang on top!!
Start drooling with those inviting pictures?Step in to Restaurant Chin Chai,Malacca will do.. =)

Reminder:*7 days more to final exam*

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