Monday, March 8, 2010

Wake me Up when "FeBruary" end........

February was ended week ago...No more CNY mood [but it's till in my heart]I should "wake up" to face all the assignmentSss+Midterm examSss!!Hopefully,i can fully utilise this one week midterm break by doing the work that i suppose to be completed before school reopen-Assignment..revision..!!
owh..i have been so long never update my blog!!where am i disappeared for the past month??
I spent 5 days in Penang during the Chinese New Year week..It such a long time[10 months apart] i never back to my lovely hometown...I miss there cousins, relatives, godparents, grandparents[deceased] well as foods[Penang=Foods Paradise] there...Agree??During the 5 days, my familys and I were hauting for foods around the tiny island from day to night till supper!!Obviously, the picture above shown some what i had digested..hehe!!Besides the foods, i did visit to one of the Penang's tourist spot at night-Kek Lok Si!!

The night view of the KEK LOK SI with CNY decoration..



owh ya...i met my Malacca friends there!!My long time no contact friends-mei juan,mei xuan and mei wan...

The photo above taken in a restaurant[THE SHIP] located at Batu Feringghi!!My first try to dine in a big ship with the sailor's attire waiters...but it's not a moving ship..hmm..Anyway,the feelings was perfect..There are variety choices of western foods, and it's more on western style of seafoods....
Want to have a try to dine in the restaurant??get a bus/plane to Penang!!!!!woohoo..=P

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