Thursday, February 11, 2010

CLS+JLS night event..


This was the first time i went for CLS event after studying in MMU for one and half year already..I did hear about this CLS event last time but i thought it was like a something foods fair..all about FOODS only..However, i never heard about there were performance perform from MMU's student and invited actor/magician!!Essentially, it's FREE.. This year i went there and here's the pictures..

This is "xiang sheng"

"chai shen ye"

The magician who did the awesome magics!!autograph from them for *ME*

They are international magician which had won several compettition in past two years!! Those magics they shown really stretched my eyes to follow their every action!!it's really cool...unlock a hand cuffs[not really hand cuffs but something like chain lock] in few seconds, change clothes/mask in a blink of an eyes, cards magics and more...wanna get more information about them??here's the link>>


Here's the photo taken during the Japanese cultural night..Hmm..performance of that night was japanese style..What i can say is among all the performance only model show and drama caught my attention..the rest was just so so only=] Anyway,i did enjoy it while came to taking picture session with the models.. Of course, taking picture with my ChanYunChee and GohWinna is a must since they were the kawaii japanese models of the night!! =)

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