Sunday, March 21, 2010

Agree with Me??

One more midterm exam to go..That is coming 31 March-Macroeconomic paper..The last Midterm paper..Today, i had done the toughest paper among others subject i registered!!Please, don't ever ask me how i done for the paper..It is useless for me to tell you:"owh..i'm doing it very well.." then i get a bad score..On the other hand, if i tell you that i done it very badly,yet when the time getting result is the good score, surely, the next time you will be saying:"alah,u say do very bad only..sure very geng one...sure get good marks.." See?!thats human beings reaction..normal or abnormal?!Ain't that the result is proving everything??Since result can be qualified a "geng"[smart] or "not geng"[stupid?/poor] student, then what for to ask so much before getting result huh?!*peace:)*

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