Sunday, March 21, 2010


A nice outing yesterday with Lydia,Shinyi,YunChee,Siang Ming,Ah Yong and another new friend who i only knew his name called "ZY"..My sister, she joined for this outing too!!We all were met up in MP at last minutes after lydia calling them..However, i knew from my friend that there are an event from MMU debate there..I'm not interested on it actually until i heard that there will be a performance "Xiang Sheng"[Chinese crosstalk]..I'm kind of addicted on this performance after watching it during the CLS event.I don't know why i'm so freak out with this thing but what i know is I felt happy when watching it. It's switched my mood!!:D Afterthat, we went to bowl in MP's bowling centre..I'm the loser of the day!Nevermind ya, learn from mistake..Wherever you fall, stand up from there and say:"I will try again", yet not to say"I give up".. Next, we headed to Old Town cafe. I caught the chance to sip a cup of aromatic white coffee famed there to quench my thirst. Again, we chated there as loud as we are the owner of the shop..laugh as loud as we wanted it!!more Photos??''Haunt'' it from facebook then.. =)

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