Thursday, March 25, 2010

Streamyx Cool UNI Pack

Guys, did you all know about TM(Telekom Malaysia) is giving out free Netbook for University Students?As i surfed from net, i read a news stated that this activity[give out free Netbook] is one of the plan from Prime Minister in Budget 2010 for education. The purpose of this plan is to help students who are going further studies in UNI after their SPM/STPM level can own themselves a Netbook+Free Broadband. Of course, it is not just give it blindly without any conditions. Nothing is FREE in this world, k!The FREE Netbook is given to Streamyx user only. Meaning, you have to apply Streamyx. First of all, there are few matters you have to be confirmed before apply for it.

  • Are you a 1st/2nd years student from an university[IPTA/IPTS]?
  • If you're already the streamyx user, is the streamyx account under your[student] name?
  • If you're NOT streamyx user,don't worry!!You can apply it with reasonable UNI package.
If you can't see the catalog above then CLICK here to the website. F.A.Q is provided from the website too!!

The specifications for the Netbook are:-
  • Intel Atom Processor N450
  • 10.1'' Display
  • 1GB memory
  • 250GB HDD
  • Integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g
  • Integrated Webcam
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • Microsoft Windows 7 starter
  • 2 years carry in warranty
  • Ms Office Trial Pack (60 days/25clicks)
  • FREE Netbook delivery

ohya, If you are already a streamyx user, and the streamyx's account name is your[student] name then you may just upgrade your braodband speed to get the Free Netbook. The minimum amount for upgrading package is RM65/month(512 kbps), RM80/month(1mbps), RM95/month(2Mbps) and RM100/month(4Mbps). But, it's need to depend on what Combo Package you're using now..For example, if you're using RM60/months(384kbps) package, then you can take the minimum upgrade to 512kbps which is only add in RM5=RM65/month(512kbps). Sounds great?! If you can't get my point, don't worry, TM workers will explain everything to you clearly!=)


  1. wao...u r so free to help tm promote their package...well, I maintain my speed -1Mpbs then RM80 per month only compare if I'm not using this package I hv to pay RM88 every months. Save money...

  2. hehe..i'm revising FAR until "kisiao" already so update something here lo!! u can get the Netbook?

  3. == so lame...Ya sure...that ppl said within 2 weeks.