Friday, March 12, 2010

pillow talk...

Girls night out yesterday!!!The girls were jane,byoke,mei wei,shi ting and me..At first, we gathered all at byoke's house, and then we headed to Restaurant Tash Ma Tash*my idea:)*..Our first try to the restaurant..I'm so wish to have a try there since after reading Vincy's blog..**The restaurant is operated by Arabian. Their service was good!!SMILE all the time.. There are variety of foods having there.. However, we had ordered one of the shop's famed Pizza called Tash Ma Tash Pizza..While we were almost finished the first piece, to our ashtonishment, the shop's Boss FREE us another flavour of Pizza[medium size].. and the Boss FOC for byoke's drinks too..We were lucky because of byoke??!:D Afterthat, we backed to byoke's house and we had some girl's talk..We play around and we had took lots of's an enjoyable night!!yeah!!..
Tash Ma Tash Pizza[RM15]
The FREE pizza

The GiRlS=)

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