Friday, April 2, 2010

KPMG+One Utama Trip♥

One day trip to KPMG company in Kuala Lumpur on last thursday(1 April 2010). This trip was organised from Accounting club. Actually, this trip was opened for third or fourth years of accounting students only, but due to our luckiness, we managed to grab the *limited* form Izzat after announcing about this trip in class.*peace* So, who were the lucky person?Kindly roll your eyes to the above picture, and you can spot it out who was the lucky Beta students!!:)

Thursday morning, we embarked the journey to Kuala Lumpur at 7.45am. We reached KPMG company at around 10am. owh, for your information, we went there by MMU's van instead of MMU's bus!konw why?maybe we were the EXTRA one..Anyway, we did enjoy in the van!A minor accident happened to our van while we were reaching Kuala Lumpur!Our van had a friction with a Kancil(fierce look driver-GIRL with "P" sticker). It was terribly shocking us!:O While we were reaching the destination, we were so excited to look around the whole building of KPMG...Oops, it's should be called as KPMG TOWER!!lol..Before we got the chance to tour around the office, we had to listen for two talks by the partners from audit and tax department. I guess this was the moment for the epsilon years students to think of which section of accounting field to join!!On the other hand, we(beta year student) were listened with "open big mouth" because we have not take the Auditing and Taxation subject yet. But, i love the Taxing talks in viewed of the facts that i can know how we being taxed for an item!*cool* Besides, they did explain to us about the internship program .aka. Industry Training having there. It's interesting!We toured around the office, and the environment there was not bad! It's a nice place to work if u're interested!=) We ended the visiting in KPMG, then we proceeded to One Utama shopping mall!it's shopping time!We headed to Kenny Rogers to have our lunch.Besides, we planned an early suprise birthday celebration for Mary:)

Mary's "cake"(it's pie from secret receipe)

Group picture


  1. is on 1st of APril la...APril fool...

  2. owh~ya hor...okok!!thanks for "dig out" my mistake!!hehehe