Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Ho ho ho... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I love christmas season always. Every parts of christmas i did love no matter christmas tree(ps:i have not had a chance to decorate christmas tree yet, i wanna decorate the tree with full christmas ornaments), christmas gift, christmas carolling and even christmas movie i love too. I love the christmas season people gathering together(ps: usually in western country) with turkey dinner, and this is what i learn from those movie!haha.. it just like chinese new year having their reunion dinner. Christmas movie, i love it most since the young age of me till now. Last time, i used to wake up early in the morning to catch up christmas movie from TV programme that any christmas show will simply enlightened my day. Now, i no longer waking up early as i stay late night to loading all christmas movie to watch!Thats how technology get so advance nowadays huh?!

Talk about my christmas eve, of course never miss out to hang out with friends to count down!This year i spent the eve with my coursemates. We dined in Japanese Resetaurant- Wa Zen, malacca which served nice sushi especially one of it that my friend highly recommend called Sakae Sushi with some add up. Picture shown later, it will tells everything :) and i love the Unagi sushi which is so freshy unagi! Love to max!Thinking about it make me drools...

Sakae Sushi- the special part is half cooked with mixed mayo on top. BEST
Awesome Unagi sushi served!<3 br="br">
Forgot the exact name. Something Maki sushi.. got cripy soft craby in there
Ten don

Octopus ball
After the dinner, we all proceed to find a place chilled out and countdown. There was full house every cafe, and we ended up went to The Library. We had our fun time there playing games and got punishment to drink. I love my drinks of the day- Citron Crush mocktail. Yes, i didnt take alcohol for the night cause i don't take alcohol. Lalalaa... and i love lydia's drinks too, the name i meant!It's called Very Safe On The Beach. Haha.
We love our drinks!Cheers
This what my others friends love their Hoegaarden's tower!hohoho..
Cheers for Merry Christmas <3 br="br">
Pciture of the night!
This year i received an awesome christmas from my friend- Mary!She is one who talented in design drawing all stuff. She even created a DIY bottle to gift it out for this christmas season. I love it so much!Thanks her so much, and this will be my best christmas gift ever <3>

Tada!! It's beautiful..i feels christmas <3 td="td">

When the christmas comes to the end which is meant the year of 2012 also coming to the end soon. Time passed, and we all are going to welcome new year in about one week time more. So, i am going to enjoy my days till the last of this year; and welcome the new year with new year's resolutions. Yeah!:D

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