Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Toyota Alphard by Carsifu

Hi people,

Do you guys know about Carsifu? It is a website that having all sorts of cars for sale in Malaysia. They sell both new and used cars. So, by chance anyone of you is looking for good car, i would recommend you to Carsifu. No regrets for sure that you do not need to travel all the way to showroom do survey for pricing as carsifu will fulfil your needs. People, everything is online nowadays. No matter you are high-end or low-end users, carsifu is selling variety brands of cars such as Produa, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Lexus and more. There are 10,000 of choices to choose. In term of pricing, of course it will affordable ones according to what brand you pick.
For example, they do offer Toyota Alphard. It is a car that can accommodate EIGHT people. How awesome it is for a big family, and especially they want to travel for a long journey like "balik kampung". What I know about this car is that interior is spacious, and one thing I like the most is the comfort foot rest. Imagine you have to go for a long distance of place, and then this foot rest thingy absolutely help a lot to us that we can nap comfortably with both leg straight.  

spot the comfort foot rest!haha

Definitely, the value that you paid for it surely can get better quality of stuff, so I think this car has higher CC? CC is a layman term or some short form I think, and what I know it relates to the speed or power of engine something. I have no idea about engines topic. So, in order to get clearer picture, please refer to Carsifu. Haha. The website explain whatever specifications or function that you may doubts or curious on it. There are also price listed for the new or used Alphard. 

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