Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have my very first attempt on this, Henna. In other term, this is also called as innai if I'm not mistaken. Actually I wanted to try this for a long time that I feel it is special. An Indian friend of mine telling me this is their culture's to drawing this during their wedding day. I think this is their symbolic to Indians, I guess..because when i was young I saw people putting this, the first thought will be oh she must be Indian. Haha. Is same as when people see lion dance will claim that must be from Chinese stuff celebration.
But now, there is no specific rules saying that a person with henna must be an indian. In this special date,12.12.12 I had henna done with fews of my friends in school. Awesomely memorable to me <3

People, happy 121212 ya :D

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