Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Library @Malacca

I'm kind of outgoing person(i assume haha) on shopping, hang out with friends, loitering around to find nice foods; but there is place i never enter before like lounge,pub,clubbing.I don't enter those places maybe of my parent's -ve minded, and they used to complaining how bad to go this place!So, my sis and I were influenced since young like whenever people talking about go get a drink,automatically, we would have the same mind "yeee,he/she must be a bad bad guy!". (we were being well physco to that point since young)

Okay,talk about how i get "permit" from daddy to enter The Library,and have my first drink?
My dad was passing me one stack of flyers and brochures, and one of the piece was about promotion at Library. He did mention about library open in malacca bla bla bla as the library he thought was study kind of place(he skimmed through on the flyer without reading it properly.ngek ngek). Then, i replied like "daddy, next saturday night i'm going there The Library",and immediately he responded OK!LMAO!My notty sister beside was so astonished about the fast response, then she quickly get the flyers and darted beside daddy for re-reading the whole thing. Daddy was like "owh,that's place sell drinks huh..promotion eh, when you going again??" I was like next saturday night*sweet smile* Daddy said "oh great,mummy and I maybe can tag u along.." I stunned*gulped*!And the angel came..urm maybe not too(u judge it)!The angel mum expressed to my daddy that how can you mix up with your daughter's friends; if you are there,you will definitely spoil their mood and they can't even chat or enjoy!*I was like awww mum..* but angel mummy continued with an idea saying that "we can't follow her on same table,maybe we can both sit another table and enjoy the environment with a drink?!"*hoho...i dropped from the sky* Anyhow, after a friendly mini negotiatondebates , Daddy agreed to let me go with a condition to reach home before the Cinderella transform to housemaid!ngek ngek..

*wonder how daddy will agree with it?will it be he give up on me already??no no no...It must be after i mentioned him the friends list who will be involve!Haha.. [p/s:he know my friends well man!LOL]*

I was late for 30 min i guess... We plan at 7pm!:)) 
They want me to take a pict with two drink as i'm first timer???Gah!!!
Sista Viki!
Sista huikim!We have lots to catch up!long time no see!!!
Brata Wang!
Brata andrew!post like a Star!lol
Sista's group picture!
The Brata group picture!
Ordering our foods!as we girls busying chit chating!
and Gossip-ing!teehee..
The brata's drink - Hoegaarden! Sista's drink- Kronenbourg 1664 blanc
mine set :)) *i forgot the name of the pasta* but it doesn't please me because it's SPICY!!!:'(
the spicy pasta i meant!*spot the dried chilli on the fish,and and the chilli seeds!god bless*
Hers pasta tasted better!
zoom in!!
his fish and chips!
close up..
his snack..
this cost a bomb!my friends claimed it as "premium sausage" haha
enjoying the foods...yes,i'm "enjoying" mine too!
First group picture of us...
2nd group picture of us...
Unfortunately, we forgot to take a completed group picture!Never mind, we have planned for next round.Teehee :)) We left there earlier as one of us got an urged to back home!Anyway, we still cheers the night with lots of fun and laughter!

Let's call it a wonderful Saturday's night


  1. hahaha! I thought you meant the library with books too. Congrats on your first =P

  2. the hoegarden is huge! haha.. about 200 bill.. not bad ;D