Sunday, November 17, 2013

Where to find cheap Penang budget hotels?

Penang, the place i was born and grew until i'm in the age of nine then my family and i left there. Of course, i'm always missed people there, and not to forget the so called "foods paradise". Till now, i am still going back once a year or few times a year depends on some purposes. I still have my relatives and cousins there, so there is always be my another place to visit more often. A place could give me relaxation moment by just walking along the sandy beach side in Batu Frenggi, a place could satisfy my taste bud with good foods from Macalister road, and a place could exciting me with extreme activities from Escape theme park. 

In monetary spending, i used to spend more on the foods and fun activities rather than stay in a luxury hotel so I'm always look for affordable and clean place to overnight. In addition, i prefer the area of hotel has night activities such as night market around so that i could hunt for supper or wander around to spend my night time. 

Online searching for Penang budget hotels always the first thing i did before make further planning for the trip. I concern more on the hygiene of the place and also the recommendation from people who commented. Then, the price of it cost a night for the stay. I would say a medium range of price always my choice of staying in because i know i couldn't expect a very low price for a quality room, but maybe a night cost RM90 to RM120 range will be a better and comfy one for me. So, Google solved most of my problems. Haha. In future, if any of my friends come with this question "hey you penangites, where to get budget hotels in penang ar" my answer will goes to "go online see iBilik website larh" *peace*

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