Friday, December 31, 2010

Are you ready for 2011?

There are one and a half hour more to reach year 2011.Are you exciting on that?
Honestly, i'm kinda worrying. After striking the clock to 12am, I'll be one year older.Time waits for no man. It's passed super fast.okay, before it reach 2011, i would like to express here a little thoughts from my mind.

In year 2010, I had get through the ways that obstacles blocked. Throughout the way, i learnt something new in the year. Never give up is one of it i learnt to be more tough and strong. Think twice before making a decision. Think of the effect before action. Moreover, i learnt to forgive people. Forgiveness to others may make you more happy than hating a person c: On the other hand, i had a jolly birthday celebration in this year. Friends celebrated my birthday with all sort of plan. Suprises, someone pop up with cake, home-baked cheese cake..i would say i love u all and my family. Again, the story for year 2010 will be coming the end soon with a full stop in my diary's book. It is the time to turn into a new page for year 2011 story!Future is hard to be predicted, what i can do is waiting for the every single mysterious days to treasure. Wishing all of my family and friends have a great year ahead. All of you living in the pink of health.