Friday, December 31, 2010

a day with San Francisco Steak House

Hang out with my Tomodachi. We dined in to San Francisco Steak House for lunch. The environment in the restaurant is great to spend your day there catching up some juicy gossips with the best buddies. I ordered a plate of Fish and Chips with the choice of Ice Lemon Tea(all time favourite) as my beverage. Yummilicious i would said to my main dish. However, others had order Maryland Chicken, Grilled Chicken and more.
Maryland chicken
Grilled Chicken
mine Fish and Chips. I love their french fries.
After the lunch, we darted to Lydia's house to have some chit chat. Of course, the main purpose is to exchange our Christmas pressie. Thats the exchanging among us. We had draw earlier for the opponent that we need to give for pressie before christmas time. Due to some reason we postpone the exchange until today. Guess who's pressie i got? It's from Lydia again. What a fate!I got pressie from her twice!Guess what she bought me this time???Unbelievable...
our pressie!
Lydia's trademark----> the pinky bow!haha
The dress i got!!!!woolalala...
That was a memorable day to remember!I wish to have more such gathering again!Love it=)


  1. aww! nice gathering! love the food! =)

  2. love blogs with large pictures (: and lovely dress! a maxi?

  3. hey!! Nice dress... why dont u put it on and snap a pic to share with us?=P sure look nice!

  4. the food sure look good.. long time didnt eat fancy food edy :)