Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello, bloggie :)

I have abandoned my updates here for long time already. Super busy recently that i have so much assignments to get done. Throughout the assignment process, there are some conflicts happen between the members. uurrhhh..it's "big head"!The most hating part is FINAL EXAM falls on the fourth day of Chinese New Year.wtffff. Hate it so much. Totally ruin my study mood. Surely, i will not concentrate 100% on the book in the CNY week. Damn it!A part of busying on assignments, i did hang out with my girlfriends to do shopping spree for CNY. Cloth Colthes Clothess...Shoe Shoes Shoess...hiak hiak!The moment for shopping,automatically, i will be absolutely energetic.I still need more times for shopping because it's way too hard to 'dig' more nice nice apparel in Malacca. Should i go up to KL to do apparel's hunting?

Oh yeah!I grabbed a nice book from MPH last week. Actually, i couldn't find in malacca bookstore,so i ordered it from KL's MPH!woohoo..Sadly,i haven't start reading it due to the assignmentSss and exam, but i will make it as my sem break's "entertainer"  

I saw this book via one of the blogger. After googling the book author's related website, i attracted by the synopsis and i made the decision to purchase it. Is worth to spend your penny on the good book right?agree agree agree? :P 
"sneeze sneeze"..i guess i got cold from the early morning (since 6am) breeze!Gonna take a nap before i drive to school. *yawn yawn*

I will have my Japanese language drama and Dance peformance tomorrow.
Will update the post after that!

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