Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Malaysia Auto Website

How advance of the technology nowadays!We can online anytime at anywhere that we want with the help of network exist in the world. Facebook-ing while walking, online chatting while waiting and online shopping while peeing!Online shopping is one of the easiest way i love to access. It is super convenience that i don't have to waste my energy as well as car petrol to travel all the way just to survey for the stuff!I can just simply google to the related website and search for the further information, specifications and prices of the goods.It's simply fulfilling my needs. What i have to do is just click click CLICK.

Most of the time i used to click for lappie, shirts, bags, story books bla bla bla to compare their prices between different brands in different website! Yes, i'm kinda calculative auntie huh?!:)Now, i realise that i can even compare various car's value with different branded cars just in a website!For me, an ordinary university student with no fix monthly income is definitely can't afford or even demand for a luxury new car from my parent. A small size second-hand's car is matching me already. Who cares?There's still a car to bring me around like a bird owns a pair of wing flying freely, and i should feel contented.

Nevertheless, there are also problem on finding a reliance car's dealer to provide a good condition second-hand's car. Mostly, if we are looking for cars seller,then we would like go bugging among our friends or whoever that can recommend you a used-car's dealer to get an affordable price with well condition. There might also problem on going to a dealer's shop with limited choices for you. Now, those problems can be solved by just visiting a ''sifu'' called Carsifu. One requirement to visit carsifu that is you must have an internet access to bring you there. 

Carsifu is a website that gather all used-car in Malaysia mostly state from Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, and Johor.Until now, there are approximately 2,000 types of cars has been classified online for sale. No regrets to click in and tour on the website. There are varieties of luxury cars awaiting you to choose. Don't worry, you won't be blind by those wording on how good of the cars, but you will be impressing by those car's picture taken for you to view. Every single angle of the car's image is there for you to click on. Besides, there is also abundance of information about the car.

This is also the list of the cars that available in the Carsifu website. Amazingly, there are few branded sport cars selling there. I was like "oh my god, Ferrari, Lamborghini, future cars"!!! I may even start to list my future dream's car now!!!*day dream*

Awww..Sexy ferrari.*gazing*
the whitey Lamborghini..*open jaw wide*

It's like a dream comes true by imagining i'm in these cool's car!
Hopefully my dream's car will comes true some day from carsifu.
What's yours? Catch up with Carsifu now...then, tell me which is your dream car. 


  1. buat advertisement ka??

  2. wah.. didnt know ppl would sell lamborghini thru the website lol..