Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Jingle bell is knocking the door. 
It's Christmas's day.
Are you ready to party?
Celebrate with your loves one?
Get ready with your christmas's pressie?

When i was young, i always thought that Christmas was celebrated by people who in Christian or Catholic's religion. So, when cames to the christmas season, I envy to those who can decorate their house with colourful christmas's ornament around the christmas's tree. Long table that served with varieties of dishes, and the most attracting one was the turkey.But, overall, my main focus was on the big medium small sizes of beautifully wrapped pressies located under the christmas tree.(I'm still very young age that time.hehe)

i remembered once i was in penang, my mum's friend invited my family and I to join them for Christmas party. That time i was like only 7 or 8 years old, and i am super happy. I went for shopping to get a nice dress as well as pressie. During the party, i'm neither interested to dine with the "big" people nor hopping around with those kiddos. Nevertheless, i was sticking around with the christmas tree and observing every single stuff hanging there until the owner of the house announced "Exchange pressie time.." The happiest moment to draw for lucky number and get the pressie♥.(how naive am i..hehe)

This year, i have an early(23 Dec) celebration with my friends. We went to Portugese Settlement, then we settled down in a cafe for exchange pressie. Although it's kind of simple, but the joyful moment had make my day.♥
Make a wish!I made 3 wishes :) i wish i can experience real snow some day!

group picture!ok,i disobey the dress code!gonna "pay back" someday*promise*
ready the numbering for the pressie to draw!
The pressie i got!A cap from Lydia♥thanks muchie.i have a cool looks now!yo yo..
everybody LOVE Iphone4!:)
We ended the celebration at the last station was ''mamak stall'' to have our supper.
Besides Lydia, I got my second pressie from someone too on the Christmas eve.
The one who always hang around with me in school.
The one who always spent our lunch for either spaghetti or nasi ''berani'' in school.
The one who always joke or gossip with me.
Of course, the one who shares the thoughts and feelings...
Okie, you may thinking the one is some one BF right?haha. you're wrong then..
The one that i mentioned is one of my female's friend in university!She's Mary :)
This how it's look after i unwrapped.guess what inside?

a pretty earing!Thanks very much to Mary♥
See, tell me who don't like Christmas?hehe. I love it more than Chinese New Year actually because what i feel for Chinese New Year is like exchanging money!However, Christmas day gives us the feeling of joys and fun with the celebration.haha. Anyway, both festival i love too, but this coming chinese new year i don't think i can enjoy it. The chinese new year week will be my final exam week!wtf.Hate it so muchie!Now, i am stressing by tonnes of assignments!T__T thats life..still have to move on!

Once again,
Merry Christmas
to everybody :)


  1. Merry Christmas! :D
    Btw, I think Christmas is better than CNY cause during CNY greed appears too . :) whereas during Xmas, joy appear :D

  2. the xmas tree with lights is really nice..
    merry xmas :)

  3. nothing like celebrating or nights-out with good buddies :) happy weekend :)