Thursday, July 8, 2010

World Cup "fever"

I can't belive what i'm doing now!!!I'm waiting for soccer match to start at 2.30AM... Some of you might think taht "what?!Jenny sacrific her sleeping time just to watch football?", "jenny is a football fans?"...To be clarify here that I'm not football fans!!I don't really into this soccer match for the passed World cup!I didn't really know what's world cup on and bla bla bla...Besides, i always thought that person who play soccer is like a clown!Whole team of strong muscular man is chasing for a ball!This is ridiculous. Thats how i thought last time!But, now, i have a little interest on soccer match after i have watching one of the match Germany vs Argentina!After that match, soccer had gave me a very interested to await for next match...That is because i wanna see PODOL SKI...haha

Germany team!!Unfortunately, they had losed...

The winner-Spain

I'm in the bad condition right now!!panda eyes!!I give up to watch for coming match already!!The showing time is too late!!just wait for the champion of World Cup 2010 to be anounce lo~ go go SPAIN!!

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