Friday, July 9, 2010

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Do you know how many plastic bag human utilised each day?Then, do you know how many plastic bag had been abondoned everywhere without caring it?The amount will make you stunned!Plastic bag being abondoned because it is not easy to recycle a plastic bag.To recycle the pastic is more costly than produce it...So, if u're a businessman, will you choose to take the producing or recycling business??Thats the reason why there are so many countless plastic bag being loitered around Earth!Thats why now we are encouraging to use non-woven materials bag as our grocery bag, shopping bag and more by government!As we can see in the market now, many different types of recycle bag is produced!YES, there are sake i'm so spiritual on this using Recycle Bag campaign. Thats because i am recently doing one of my school assignment about business plan. we have to actually plan a business by selling a product or by providing services to consumers. After my members and I had think tough and hard, we came out with an idea on producing a recycle bag with a stylish design so that it will fascinate people use it as well as support the say yes to "no plastic day" campaign!Hows stylish of the recycle bag?here you go the sample!:-

Price?RM6 only
you wish to own one?order?
here you go the website for further details as well as ordering method
or you may inform me here!
Let's together
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