Sunday, November 13, 2011

Singapore Short Term Rental

I found an useful website. Good thing should share it out,right?

It is iBilik Singapore website. This informative website will definitely helpful to everyone especially to those who are always go for out station. The website actually promotes the rooms for short rent in Singapore's area. Thus, for those who are going for holiday's trip or business trip in Singapore will surely need this website. After scanning through the list and the prices for the offer for rent, i realised that it's reasonable and worth.I will say that no worries to plan a holiday to Singapore too. Who knows, i can plan my another budget trip to Singapore again!:) Since the website provides almost every area of singapore's available rooms to rent.

 I realised that the most bookings rooms are all looks great with an affordable price. (spotted: There are cheapest rental list?)

Moreover, iBilik Singapore also provides the advanced engine to easy us for searching rooms with our needs. As showing picture above, there are dorm room, apartment or shared house. Besides, we can also get the budget hotel deals too. Ain't that convenient to us?
Furthermore, every room in the list has provided sufficient information about the rooms. There are pictures showing the environment, description and list of the equipment provided in the room, and there are also information as well as map for nearest public transport. Some more, there are also the availability dates stated to give us a quick glance for early booking. Immediately, we can click on the BOOK NOW button to process our booking on those available date. It is very much efficient. Of course, contact information is given too.

Surprisingly, the cheapest deals are less than S$50? In that price is included utility bills, wireless internet, free cellphone for your communication needs,sofa bed + pillow + bedsheet will be provided,common bathroom with water heater! That is exactly what a backpacker needs while traveling around. So, now you know why i want to share out this good deal from iBilik Singapore?

Enjoy browsing it ya!:)


  1. Wow, that's a really useful website! Thanks for the info ^^

  2. it's a good site for when we're planning a trip to Singapore. Did you know iBilik is also available in malaysia? Check it out at