Friday, November 11, 2011


Yeah, it's a super special date that happen in this earth once?!Everybody is like so exciting to wait for it since the day before, even the week before i could see the post of 11.11.11 already scattered around Facebook. So lucky that i'm able to meet this kind of date once in my lifetime:) To be honest, i'm one of the them to awaiting this date too, but with a different purpose. I was waiting for the movie "You are the apple of my eyes" to release in Malaysia!


This is the trailer of the movie!Unluckily, Malaysia actually banned this movie to be released due to the movie being ranked as pornography content!Ended up only showing to specific cinema in KL only!I wonder why it's being ranked for that? Spoil my mood!

Nothing special for me for this date as i'm single? It's more than enough for my day to fill up with classes!Thus, i rather to stay at home and relax after those classes!Besides, I did enjoy the special date with


end my post here!Good night,world!

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