Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random thoughts...

What a "great" saturday that i have to drag myself off from the cosy bed in the early morning 6.45am!I have no choice, and run through morning routine. Start engine, speed to school. Yes, i have replacement class on Saturday morning!All blame to public holidays. I would rather no holidays than replacement class. It's so distracting my weekend's mood and all of my coursemate as well, i guess? Because while waiting for the lecture hall to open, i can see all the deactivate "corpse" sitting around peacefully and waiting for the security guard unlock the door. Entrance to hell?

oh yeah, i finally get to try Magnum ice-cream!
I was so tempting to it, and this was the only picture i had.Two days back that my sister went to shopping mall, and i was keeping remind her to bring me back this ice-cream♥ It was delectably taste like heaven for the first bites. Aww~ the thick cracking Belgium Chocolate was covering the vanilla inside! Superb combinations dissolved and melt on my tongue. It's crazily awesome taste!For chocolate lover, you will surely get addicted on it!I'm so wish to have it right now.... >.<

I went to one my friend's mother funeral few days back. Life is short; we should appreciate everyday that we have. Enjoy as much as you can. I'm pity to my friend that has to live without her mum exists in this age. Although we are in the adult teen stage, but it's still young for her to accept this happening. Hopes she will be tough for the rest of her days.

ok, i should stop now and off to nap. Gonna attend a birthday party tonight!:)
Bye,peeps!Wish everyone has a great weekends!*hugss*

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