Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great day!

Today is great!Finally, i received the prizes i won for past few weeks contest in Facebook!There were two, and i received both prizes in one shot today!WOOTS!

FIRSTLY, the books!

Whenever i see a parcel, i SMILED!

No doubts, singapore's setem = my books are arrived!

 No doubts, i knew what's inside the parcel!:)

 Finally, i got the long waiting "present" since last month? Times to lock inside the room for the reading.

SECONDLY, starbucks voucher!

My second prize!Wheee...

Yeah, i received two envelopes for my sister and me!Lucky us, the contest was actually just clicked it then the system will draw to see whether we were the lucky one to win it!

Another place for me to enjoy my new story book's reading!Wheee...

Double Happiness of the day!