Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm crazy about EXTREME 6 Cheesy Pizza

Do you love cheese?
You don't?sorry, I LOVE!
Do you eat cheese?
You eat cheese?Great, I EAT cheese too.
Do you know there are many different kinds of cheese?
You know? I knew it too.
Name it.
Cheddar, Mozzarella......Parrr..Paarr...

*Laugh out loud*
Why memorising so hard to remember those cheese?I love cheese, I eat cheese, but one thing i don't do is memorising types of cheese!Though i don't know bla bla kinds of cheese's family, but i can easily taste various types of cheesie with just ONE bite.Where can I try that huh?wondering? you know the answer? or NO?
"Oohhh i seee.."
Now you know!Advertisment is every where in mass media. By closing your eyes and ears also you will know about the extreme 6 pizza is available in Pizza Hut. Reason is the aromatic scent combination of CHEDDAR, MOZZARELLA, PARMESAN, PROVOLONE, MONTEREY JACK and ROMANO in one pizza is tickling the citizen's nose already. So, how can you don't know?Plus, how can we miss the golden opportunity!For me, i will surely grab the chance to taste every new flavours out from Pizza Hut. This time the complement of cheesie pizza is luring me again. Without thinking much, i dated few friends to try out the cheesy pizza.

Power of Cheese where is the place to recharge yourself with cheesy tummy. My friends, younger sister and I were dined in Pizza Hut from the Jaya Jusco, Malacca. The peaceful romantic feel with various flavour pizza's smell of the restaurant was giving us hard time to decide which type of cheesy pizza we should choose. 
cheesy pizza without toppings?  
cheesy pizza with toppings? 
If with toppings, then which toppings to add-on?
Cheesy Hawaiian, Cheesy Pepperoni, or Cheesy Chicken?
To make our life simple and easy, we had choosen the cheesy pizza without toppings. We were going to taste the pure six complemented cheese pizza without any others mixing flavour with it. While we were waiting for the pizza, we were chatting around. The laughter pitch from us had burst the peaceful of environment until the pizza was served. We took out camera, and we were capturing with the cheesy pizza.

Aren't the environment looks romantic?Suit for candle light dinner?*sweat*

waiting for cheesy Pizza.
The direction we kept staring for our cheesy cheesy Pizza.

My favourite mushroom sup with lots lots white pepper....from Pizza Hut
Cheesy Pizza arrived!!*drool*
close up for the cheessssyyyyy..

Distributing pizza to others, and I measured mozzarella at the same time to show how long i can pull. It's more than 15cm!*applause*

Cheesy in the pizza.

Enjoying every small cuts of cheesy pizza.
Can't resist for the first bite, but can't avoid the camera shot?This the outcome!:)
Another poser for cheesy 6 pizza.
The first bite of cheesy pizza pleasure my taste buds very much!♥

My sister cut the shape. Actually, she was processing to cut into some thing. What thing would it be? Guess guess guess...

Can you figure it out what is this?Some thing related to cheesy pizza.
It's Cheesy 6 Pizza.

A picture with her masterpiece!(:
Of course,next to be my turn to pose with the mini cheesy 6 pizza!cheeeezzz
After everyone's tummy was filled with cheesy pizza, we started to have some ''warm up''!Guess what will make us warm?

Where's pizza?hehe...In our's stomarch. ngek ngek
Yeah, the sign of getting some ''warm up''.
We actually set up the timer and continuous mode. We tried to pose as much as we can in 10 seconds time. Meanwhile, we can see people around were laughing at us!Who cares?Cheesy pizza gave us the power.Importantly, we enjoyed to the max. *wink*

We were trying to act 10 posture, but ended up with a mess. Anyway, we had fun with the silly posed too!
Thats lighten up our day a lots.♥

Ivy Yong with the Power of Cheese!♥
Crystal shown how much she loves the cheesy power man!♥
Agnes Ng just wanna get closer with cheesy power man!♥
ngek negk! The Power of Cheese VS The Power of Jennifer Ng after filling cheesy.*wink* ♥
We are the Power of Cheese members!
Thats the end of our delightful day at Pizza Hut restaurant. Not a full stop to end our meal at Pizza Hut, but a comma for us to continue waiting for more new flavours. Of course, Cheesy 6 Pizza will be the all time favourite. There are becasue I can't get any where i can taste few kinds of cheesie at once just in one bite!aww....a loud gurgle down my throat while thinking of it. Friends, when will be the next round?

Another memories to lock in my heart for lifetime at Pizza Hut with Extreme 6 Cheesy Pizza.

I’m crazy about Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!