Friday, November 26, 2010


I just realized that 20th to 27th November is the week for THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILDREN. Is that the date fix for this children's rights day?I only know there are Children's Day celebrated every year in October.But, it's not my day anymore. For me, adulthood's day?ha-ha. Whatever is it, i just know the children's rights day via facebook, and i wondered there are such day to "celebrate". Everyone's profile picture was changed to the cartoon look rather than our camwhore face, so i changed it as well to join the merrier. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast is my choice!Love it.   

Such a busy days i have recently. Tonnes of assignments to rush, and the are several subject's midterm exam comings up!What a tiring as well as stressing weeks...  CAN I USE THE CHILDREN'S RIGHTS TO SUE FOR THE OVERLOAD WORKS?

SECRET GARDEN-korean series
This is the movie I crazy about recently.
Actually, I'm accidently spotted the movie, and i love it after watching the 1st episode. 
The main male's characters, and the autumn's scenery spot from the movie is superb attracting me.
A must watch movie!Highly recommended!=)

More updates after my midterm's exam!

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  1. oh..i wanna watch this movie also la..since u recommended it :)