Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RM 2 per plate at Sushi King♥

I took my brunch at Jaya Jusco's Sushi King just now. Actually, it has been plan yesterday by Lydia, and i invited Ivy "Director of MMU's van" to join for the RM2 per plate sushi!Sushi King is having promotion from 12 April to 15 April for members only.
There were some blur case happened made by Ivy Yong. Luckily, it's not happened by Lydia Kang..haha!!Firstly, we had planned to go for old JJ's Sushi King, yet Ivy Yong speed with her car to NEW jj's sushi king...how forgetful of her.. Secondly, Ivy again..After our Sushi feast, Lydia wanted to go bookstore to buy some stuffs, so i and lydia headed to bookstore and ivy went back home. While i and lydia on the way to bookstore, my hadphone rang.
Calling from IVY YONG...
Ivy:pls stop ur step now!!don't walk first..stay at wherever you are now...
me:huh?*blur*...why?what happened?you don't know how to pay the car park ticket is it?
Ivy: *silent*
me: spotted Ivy from far...and she's SMILING=)

Then, She told me that she can not find an autopay machine to pay her car park ticket!!haha...We were like laughed out loud, and at the same time Ivy felt so embarassing..This matter had cause me and lydia laugh until our stomach burst!
This is the machine Ivy looking for... XD

US enjoyed the sushi very much

Lydia and me

me and Ivy

Our average sushi for each person was 8 plates...muahaha


  1. LOL...u announced it so fast...scare ppl dunno my embarrassment meh?...BAD!

  2. where got announced..i just want to remember this sweet EXPERIENCED in my E diary!!hehehe

  3. wao...i'm the main character in yr life...so proud...GOOD!