Sunday, November 17, 2013

I am here!

I've been disappeared for a long time to do blogging again. So, I'm going to story on where am i busting for this whole year. To be simple and quick, i'm going to summarise it with pictures and i promise hopes i can keep it :( i will further blogging it in details later.. if my moods up >.<

#1. Mabul Island, Tawau
Begining of the year, i've been there for short escape with my Tomo gang and meet up with one of the friend(who are also from Tomo gang) who was studying in Sabah. It was a wonderful island for me to escape from hustle and bustle of city life like study,assignment,exam,traffic and problems. A place that i closed to mother nature, and a place can peace my mind from noise. There was also a first island i been to experience my first snorkeling.

#2. Rafflesia, kundasang Sabah
I was so lucky to be one of the visitors who watch this rafflesia blossom. As i remembered, it's blossom only few years once and the season. I'm a lucky girl :)

#3. Industrial Training
The month of March to Aug i was busting with my internship in one of the audit firm. Throughout the six months, i've been through a lot of tough moments and also gained a valuable experiences. It's a pre-stage to get through before i really face the real working environment. Just wish myself best luck for future!

#4. Surprised birthday celebration from colleagues
I'm a happy girl. I had my family and a bunch of friends who gave me surprises for celebration, and this year i had my colleagues who gave me a mini celebration. Thank you all especially my brata sista gang who always planned for celebration on my birthday every years, and my Tomo gang who always be with me <3 nbsp="" p="">
#5. Krabi, Thailand
A short vacation spent with my friends after the internship. Whenever to go some where for relaxation, i always pick the beach side/island. I loves the scenery of beach view, it is so nice and peace. So, there i've been Krabi island.

#6. HongKong
The trip that i planned for a year. Thanks to my friend HweeHsia for being my tour guide while i'm in HK. A paradise for shopping and foods. The tourist spot that i've been Ocean Park, Big buddha...wandering around the city was the most enjoyment i liked because i like to see their cultures, the building, and the differences of stuff to M'sia.

#7. Macau
I loves walking on Macau street, it was so portugese style of their street's name. The buildings were the most attracted me. I loves buildings with antique feels. I wish i could stay longer there, i had not enough exploring there*emo* I missed the Pork Chop Bun there too *double emo*

#8. Universal Studio Singapore
I've been there three years ago, and this was a sudden plan with my brata gang to go there. The only new stuff i tried was the transformer 3D game. The feelings with the 3D effects was awesome. Of course, not to forget the Egypt theme's roller coaster was the most fun i had. The speed in the darkness was thrilling and exciting. Haha, i can't stop laughing for no reason during the rides.

Yup, thats all of the "big activities" i had throughout this year untill now. Looking forward for more fun before i enter to working life. By the word of "WORK" is kind of stress and scary terms to be heard. Thats all for this post.

Good night,readers :)

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