Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises @GSC Aeon Malacca

"The Dark Knight Rises", this title has been spreading in facebook's with a good review lately. okay,i'm actually don't care of it because i didn't know what exactly is that movie about?!i seldom catch up on tv, neither the news on latest movie on show till my daddy told me. He's not telling me the story of this movie, but it is about gun threat case happened in the theater while showing dark knight.Then, daddy commented better not to watch this movie in theater. My curiosity getting deep to this movie, and i "googled" about it till i realised it is a movie about Batman. "I MUST WATCH IT" i determined.
How can i don't watch this movie in cinema with wide screen and nice sound effect!Plus, Batman gave me a lot of childhood memories. I'm fans of him. When i was young, i used to wake up early in the morning with my breakfast set in front of the TV to watch batman cartoon. I love the scene that the bad guy especially with weird devil monster face bullying the residents of city or whoever, then out of sudden batman came with his high tech vehicle to save the people. aww~Hero!If i'm not mistaken there are few characters join in later on like catwoman or robin. No matter who is in, my main focus will be only on Batman!Hoho..

This movie is awesome!I would rate this movie with full stars(because he is hero??!hehe). I enjoyed the show very much, and i was impressed by the high-tech vehicles of batman in real(cause i used to watch in virtual kind like cartoon)!Then, the story line is not bad, and kind of surprise when get to know the real enemy is a lady that Batman trusted very much rather than Bane the one with oxygen mask on his face*LMAO* who destroying the city!Anyhow, i love the ending with sweet way :))

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