Wednesday, August 8, 2012

30 Hours Famine 2012 @World Vision

I was so busy last week for my midterm test, assignment, and also my long waiting(till long neck) 30 hours famine camp. Although i was busying with those headache assignment and test, my mind was exciting for the camp.

For people out there who don't get what i'm bugging about 30 hours famine,well, it's an activity from World Vision that raise fund to help up poverty residents around the world. In Malaysia, poverty to most of us are in term of getting some thing to up level our life to luxury and more comfortable. It's like whenever people goes for smartphone, we die die also want for it in order to match the level?! Eventually, money MOney MONEY used to be the problem solver. On the other hand, some where corner of this world, poverty to them are terribly worst than us..Theirs meals are from the crops that they plant for it, and the growing of crops depend on the weather. Consequently, if bad weather mean no crops,no food to them; no food, then they have to suffer hungry. They have no shortage foods, clean water to survive, and they even have problem to get stable shelter. For us, we have choice either terrace, double storey or even bunglow which all built with bricks. For them, they can only choose to build their shelter with some kind of combination mud,sand and cover their roof with dry leaves. Thats all! In such situation, they still continue their life and fight for better tomorrow. Think, how lucky we are, and do we appreciate it?

So, i happened to know this event through my friend, and she was organising this camp for malacca states in Multimedia University Malacca. I was lucky enough to being offered as part of working committes for this camp. We were not allowed to eat throughtout the camp for 30 hours, and that was one of the purpose of this activity for people to taste the suffer of hunger just like those poverty residents did. Of course, we were allowed to drink!The next day, we had countdown for break-fast in Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam.

My notty sis and mine name tag.
Name tag of campers. There hundred over of the campers:)

Registration counter for campers.
Hunger no more, we should start the change.
We are ready!
Collaboration society for this camp,thanks:)
Awaiting times to start...
My group!Miss them much now... Hope u guys can maintain the spirit of charity!

Hunger no more!
Awaiting to enter stadium.
part of the crowd outside stadium.

People are coming into stadium.

See the crowd? about 15+ thousands people,and thousand plus people sitting outside stadium due to full house!
Guests of the day for performance in stadium.
Everyone went crazzy when he's out.
yes,him - Wang Lee Hom!
entrance pass.
Here is where we start for a change!
Thorughtout this event, i learnt a lot of meaningful lesson for myself, and it inspired me to my life too. This also enlightened me there are people more out there need our helping hand. Even the least contribute from us to them, it still help and precious to them. Right here we should start to make a change!Contribute to them not only in term of money, but also share out the love and passion for those who needed!
I made it this time,and i'm proud of myself!I will keep going on for this event in future... how about u?

Spend few minutes on this meaningful video,and you will feel it :)

Have a nice day,peeps!

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  1. WOW! Great job. We contributed via Groupon