Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool....

"jie, why ur shirt so dirty want??"
"where??" glanced on the position she pointed.
"April Fool...muahahaha"
"owhh SHIT."
Tricked by my notty younger sister!I was so concentrating on doing some thing else and she was there twisting her brain for this prank.*lame* That was my april fool, how about u?are u facing more serious prank than mine?

I remembered once in secondary school during my Form 3, one of my schoolmate had actually came out an officially letter from headmaster(by him,using kind of scanner to imitate the signature.) saying we,PMR candidates will have a pre-test on monday(3 days apart). This breaking news really furor the whole form 3's students included me.I was stunned and sat there for awhile thinking how i'm gonna squeezed all the theories and notes in my lazy brain.The news spreaded fast and everyone was discussing it.Until headmaster knew it,and "invited" the students to have a coffee in his office.They "cleaned" the mess by going through all form 3 class to do apologize infront of the class,and they were daring enough to give the last line "wish u all have a advanced april fool" =D I was super relieved and continued my craps gathering with my buddies...haha 

Baking and reading are my recent hobby. My first time baking was successful. How i got the recipe is from youtube video. Thanks Youtube. Simply key in to the search bar for How To Bake Sponge Cake, and there will be long listed of the videos. One of the video make up my mind to try it as it is showing as easy as ABC like that. Seriously, it's super easy with few steps as well as few ingredients needed. Those who catch me with my facebook, then you will see how's my cake looks like!*thumbs up for myself*

About reading, actually i read a book author by Cecelia Ahern book's entitle: Where the Rainbow ends. I am highly recommended to those who love to read kind of story about a person's life. A little synopsis about it is story started by Rosie and Alex who both 5 years old. They are both very best friend. Both of them are very close to each other and there are intimate between them, but they just don't propose to each other!All kinds of conflict happened from age of 5 till 50 years old.Seems like BRAVE plays an important motivation.Okay, the story of this book is written as email, instant message form. Yes, it is not like what we read in common for a story book which is full of paragraphs and words. It's interesting to read on a new way. As lydia always said, we are like stalking somebody's mail by reading it without permission.

Lately passion was all about that. Okay,honestly, i have lots lots of thing to post but the laziness always halt me from everything. I am gonna kill this virus. I want to be a hardworking girl from now on!Go go go...Till here i stop. Let the video do my ending,and i hope it is entertaining you guys!=) Good night.


  1. back in school there are always these tiny little pranks.. eh, your zip opened! :P

  2. Ooopss*checked*..i miss those day in the school=)