Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Story about my partime job...

pass card for the part time job on 25-27 Feb
First day i worked, i was so in the mood of regretting accept the offer for three days work. Standing like lamppost and moving like a robot to distribute the fliers of my stall. Ain't a facile job. My shoulder and elbow was super duper pain. Ended my first working day with a wet body because it's rain cats and dogs that night,and i did not tag along with my umbrella to work. What a black Friday..

Second day, I went through the daily brush up routine then i proceeded to work!Midday, before i stepped out from the stall for my lunch, i witnessed a cruel scene ever in LIVE!The story started by a tall-sport look-adult men was loitering around my stall which was selling computer's accessories. Suddenly, I heard the sound of "piak..." and my vision darted to the point. I saw the men was slapping a girl's face. To my astonishment, the guy kept slapping whenever the girl remains silent by not answering his questions. That was one line he said after slapping few times on his daughter's face "why you cry..you cannot cry..you wanna let people around to watch is it?do u feel proud?" Oh my holy gosh, i am the beside who peeking the situation also want to crying already. Every slaps that he did with a men force to the girl(11 or 12 yrs old i guess) face was how much painful that I do not know to describe, and the girl was only started to cry after the 3rd slaps. How tough of her, and the father has no rights to ask her not to cry with his big pig palm's slap!He's the one who slapped the girl in public and he don't feel a shame, and he felt that his daughter cried would make him shameful. Then, he's proud to slap his daughter in public?wtf. I can imagine how was the girl's life at home. I don't think slapping your children can lead them to awake from their mistake. A big big cross ''X''! Even you wanna teach them from their mistake by "beating" kind way also not on the face. I just don't understand what the father was thinking to slap his daughter in public like that. Maybe the father was being brought up like that when he was young. Will you slap your child for just a minor mistake they did?is that a way to give them a lesson ar?Think another way round that you have been treated like that you will feel guilt and learn from mistake?bullshit. I am sure by the moment, the girl was filled with anger and hatred to the father.I did not watch the whole session of the happens as i am on time to my break, and i guessed i will be the next to cry if i'm kept watching it.  I catch up with my colleague about the ending, and she told me that the father asked his daughter to give him a hug!I bet the hug was fulled of hatred more than love!

Third day of my working was fantastic as the time passed super fast, and it's closing to the moment of getting my paid.Cheezzz... That night, we were the 1st stall to pack the stocks and moved to the lorry. After that, the moment i received my paid from the sales man!That night, i just raised my asset's value to another extra RM210. LOL.

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