Monday, January 24, 2011

Find Condos For Rent in KL

Some thing good to share with my readers. I found a website which is shown those houses in KL area that are available for rent. I realised those places of the houses for rent especially condominiums are near to the city area. The benefit of visiting the website is i can click for the specific KL town area to look for available house to rent. A good job they are done to classify all in a list. It's convenient to us. CLICK for the website.

After scrolling up and down, i was "open-big-mouth" while skimming through the prices and the information stated on each condo's for rent. It's obviously shown that the different area of the condo's offer different prices of the monthly rent. For me, there are kinda expensive, but it will be affordable for people who are white-collar workers. Though it's renting out for high price, but it's providing a very good condition of the house with equipments. Most of the condos are furnished with luxury's furniture. Furniture for the bedrooms, study room, dining room, kitchen as well as living room is fitted with the equipment. Oh ya, there are some comes with car park's slot for you. What a worthy deal. What you have to do is bringing yourself in the house with your huge luggage=) However, i did spot some condos are deal with a reasonable price, and it is located at places near to the town. Moreover, the low price of rental with fully furnished in the house. It's such a great deal. Surprisingly, there are also condos which are measured the rental amount according to the space of the house. It's like RM3.50, RM4 or some even RM6 per square feet. Let's show up some pictures here to ease your imagination's stress.
swim whenever you free...

ready to cook???

nice place to dine

gym for staying in the pink of health

A comfy room to spend your day with a nice story book...
Wow..Every piece of the pictures above are fascinating me to move in. I may try to think of having my internship programme in KL already. There should be no worries on renting a house to stay. Google for the available house with an affordable price is an easy peasy job. It's will be very enjoyable to stay in a super active city life compared to the dull malacca.

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