Saturday, September 4, 2010


I received somehting from mummy today!hiak hiak..She bought me a wallet!Recently, i am mumbling around and i am keeping complain that my wallet is worn-out!I did try to look for new one, but it doesn't fufill my requirement! This morning, i was told by mum that she bought me something that i wanted so much and i will be very love it!I was just rolled out from my bed and i can't function my brain well on thinking whats the mystery stuff had mummy bought!Then, mum was giving me a hint that its a colour i always love it. i only can pop up with one word PURPLE! Afterthat, i was given a direction to get the mystery stuff!To my suprised, mummy had bought me a purple wallet!I was rubbing my eyes twice!Its purplely...hehe..But one thing i don't like is its a rectangle shape of wallet instead of square!Anyway, i will still try to adapt on this new type of wallet because its purplely. LMAO
How much is it?Cheap till drop! RM10..hiak hiak
the worn-out wallet..4 years useful life!buhbye RM36.90
mangled here and there!
purple stuff collection!


  1. mature neh this...hahaha.. i like ur prada!! where u buy? how much? sure very expensive one, right?

  2. yea..looks mature!my mum's view is different to us ma!anyway,whatever she choose i will just take it!hehe..what i care is the warm she gave!haha..the prada FOC..hiak hiak!its from my aunty!

  3. nice ur mum..n is a nice colour n shape for me...i wish to have it one...hehe

  4. OMG! the prada damn nice ..hahahaha...envy neh!

  5. Mary:thanks!=)

    Lyida:don't envy,go buy one!=)