Friday, September 3, 2010

Bee, Lydia+ ME!

Outing with my girlfriends. Finally, i managed to try on the Xiao Long Pao in of the shop near Melaka Raya!Um.i would say the xiao long pao is normal and its just special on inside of the pao got soup as know as juices like that.
Xiao Long Pao
RM5 per plate
Besides xiao long pao, i did try the Mee well as some other dish..
siew mai(full with prawny..yum)
the dry mee(i forgot the name..something like Zha Jia Mian)

Black Soya drinks!but its doesn't black colour~LOL
food food food!

nothing special White Coffe!:)

The shop
Lydia and Bee

Bee, Me and Lydia
After we done our brunch there, we headed to Mahkota Parade+Dataran Pahlawan for shopping!One funny thing happened to me when i was driving in car park area for parking!I was blurred enough to drive through walkway yet i don't know!Until i realised it,and mumbling to myself is that walkway for people?my friends were laugh out loud!I myself was same laughed til stomarch burst+ embarrassing!
After we loitering around for few hours, we went night market somewhere near Bee's house!ok, its Bukit Beruang,Melaka.Again, i hunted for Nonya kuih and others kuih-muih..haha...
Fried Carrot Cake

this is nice!yummy!rated 5 star

all time favourite! ♥

Happy moment always ended fast!Although we spent whole day, but its just like few minutes spent for us!( i too exaggerate it?)But its how i felt...wish to spend more time together just like how we went Penang! ♥ miss it so muchie~

the outcome i got after shopping for whole day

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