Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Finally,i had done my debate today!!That is one of my registered subject coursework-Managerial Communication..i am so so happy and satisfied with my presentaion..*wheeee* There were 5 of us in a group..We were the propponent for the debate title "National language is the only way to unite Malaysia".. However, there were 6 members in our opponent's group..*kinda unfair right??they hv more "brains"=P*but only 4 speakers involved in debate!!hehe((:
Today, we were gathered at school in the early morning at 7.30am,but due to my laziness and slow motion i'm late to school..*sorry dude*=P..Anyway, we still managed to spend around one and half hour to practice before proceed to the real debate started at 9AM...*dang* XD
Here the photos to share:-
US after Debate with SMILEY face*heee*

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