Saturday, August 29, 2009


huhu~went to MORI cafe just now..we had a mini gathering as usual, but this time the "actor"[en ting] can't join us due to his bus from pudu to malacca departed late..So, there were only ST,HK,SY,YJ,BY,MW,VK.. We chit chat many juicy gossip to catch up dude especially for those who just began status"in relationship"..haha..ohya,i'm the first to discover ST had brace her teeth when i went to pick her..However, MW who are her neighbour also didn't realise about that until i asked ST..see, how "fast" she can absorb??xDjk jk..dun angry MW After sharing awhile, we getting bored and ST came out with the idea to play some kind game called "tortoise"..It's something like we gotta pair up our cards by picking card from one another around until the one who left one card then he/she's the loser..However, the loser will be fined by choosing from below two cards..

There were only two had picked the "dare" card out of five loser in the game.. ST,HK and ME were the lucky one..So, we just responsible to come out with ideass how to "kena" those loser..*fun fun*Thus, MW and VK being fined by us..they got DARE!!

MW:"omg~*worried face*
ST:" about you stand up and shout "wo shi wu gui" i am tortoise.. "

By that time, the mori cafe was fulled seat with majority of mmu students..Anyway, MW did accomplish the ordered~Next, the idea for VK's punishment was suggested by me!!i asked her to take picture with a guys was singing at the mori..Without any complain,she AGREEd my suggestion!!*bravo*

*tada* -The singer was so happy since that's the first day he sang at mori-*lucky guy* xD

*the funniest idea why she wanna cover her eyes by showing her BRACEd teeth...haha*

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  1. hahahah... yalo... super slow... jz like tortoise... tat's y she lose in d game... &viki rocks... hahahaha... nw oni i read ur blog... choose randomly... ur blog reminds me a lot of memories...